Firewire Machdocado Surfboard 6'0" Futures-White


6'0" x 22 3/8 x 2 3/4...42.2L

Meet your new favorite summertime shape, designed by Rob Machado inspired by the outline of an avocado mixed with the DNA of a fish and the performance of a shortboard. Experience the joy of catching waves you'd previously not even consider trying to catch on the Machadocado with ease, this is Rob's most versatile squash tail yet. Whether you're an experienced surfer or just beginning, this shape will be your best friend on smaller days.

Designed by the California-based style icon, this board embodies Rob's extensive experience and passion for small wave surfing in California. The Machadocado is slightly wider and thicker than your standard shortboard, providing excellent stability and grovel-ability, while it's thinned out tail provides plenty of control and hold in rounder, more powerful waves. It's volume distribution favors fast wraps and quick speed generation in waves knee-high to overhead. The Thruster fin configuration allows you to ride as a Twin, a Twin with a trailer, or a Thruster, depending on your desired feeling.

Recommended with the Machado 2 + 1 Fin Set for the best experience. This fin template was designed specifically for the Machadocado to enable tight turns and extreme control.


Inspired by the shape of his favorite fruit, Rob Machado outlined the Machadocado with generous width for its length, taking proportional inspiration from an avocado - his favorite fruit for breakfast at home where he makes avocado toast for his family on the weekends. The magic in this fruit-inspired outline is the way that the generous width creates speed while the larger fin template close to the rail enables control, working in alignment with a perfectly thinned out foil.

An idea 14 years in the making, the Machadocado was designed with weak waves in mind for easy speed creation when small waves aren't helping. Drawing from a deep history of performance surfing, Rob designed the thickness distribution from nose to tail in meticulous detail, ensuring the board can hold in the pocket without sacrificing the ability to create speed in flat sections.

With the Machadocado in his van for summer, this shape has thinned out his quiver for the season. Rob says, "less boards in the van means more kids in the van, and my son and his crew have been ruling the beach this summer and I've only had one board with me. The Machadocado is fun everyday."


A stringerless EPS core with flex controlled at the rails made from Paulownia and Balsa wood - this construction is light and lively underfoot, and excellent at generating speed in everyday waves. Rob Machado calls the parabolic flex control provided by the wooden rails in the Machadocado "good for drive on rail and control in critical sections."