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The HyperFreak F.U.Z.E. (Chest Zip) W/Hood is constructed with super light TechnoButter 3 and TB3X neoprene. We added 0.5mm thicker material as a step-up from the HyperFreak Comp. The integrated TechnoButter 3 hood keeps the cold out, whilst providing a high level of stretch and flexibility. The minimal seam design, lightweight, quality construction, and attention to detail make this another team inspired favorite.

TechnoButter3 (Body/ Legs)
TB3 boasts a 20% lighter formula with 30% less water absorption and maximum stretch. Quick dry properties offer rapid drying time.
TechnoButter3X (Arms/ Shoulders)
TB3X is our exclusive featherlight neoprene. The TB3X exterior and interior jersey make it the lightest, most flexible material.
Glued and Blind Stitched Seams
The GBS construction initially seals the neoprene edges together and then uses a stitch that partially penetrates the neoprene, offering a watertight and highly flexible solution. This is a solid choice for cold-water surfing.
TechnoButter3x Fully Taped Seams
F.U.Z.E. Closure
The F.U.Z.E. closure is O'Neill's exclusive chest zip system. It uses a free-floating zipper technology, keeps you dry and allows unrestricted flexibility.