By O'Neill


The O'Neill Hyperfreak Fire range focuses on extreme warmth, high performance, increased durability, and comfort. All-new buttery soft, heat-recirculating TechnoButter 4 materials line each suit. These technologically advanced materials plus water-tight Fluid Seam construction have created a new cold water legend. Fire red-hot heat takes the innovative Hyperfreak legacy to the next level.

TechnoButter4 Firewall (Front/Back /Thigh /Butt)
TB4 Firewall utilises recycled graphene fibres at a thicker pile. As your body heat warms the graphene fibres, they return heat back into your body.
TechnoButter4 (Shoulder/ Shin/ Calf)
TB4, our award-winning wetsuit technology, introduces recycled yarns infused with graphene for increased flexibility and heat retention.
TechnoButter4X (Entry/ Sleeves)
TB4X technology features graphene fibres lining the jersey allowing for incredible stretch with added strength and warmth retention.
Exterior Fluid Seam Weld
This seam construction utilises a non-chafing, high-grade urethane applied in liquid form to the outside of a glued and blindstitched seam, completely blocking out water without restricting flexibility.
F.U.Z.E. Closure
The F.U.Z.E. closure is O'Neill's exclusive chest zip system. It uses a free-floating zipper technology, keeps you dry and allows unrestricted flexibility.