PYZEL 74 SECOND HAND SURFBOARD 5'10 x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16...26L


The 74 was chosen by Dane Reynolds as the 2016 Board of the Year in the ‘Stab in the Dark’ blind surfboard test, and is designed with better waves and high performance surfing in mind.

Built off the original hand shape made for Dane, the outline is clean, with a mild hip in the tail.

The bottom rocker is medium/high, which generates speed and drive, while keeping the board loose and responsive.

A single concave throughout the bottom adds lift, projection and more drive.

The deck is a bit flatter than our other models, which adds some extra volume out towards the rail (providing extra float and paddle power) but the rail itself is less boxy, for sensitivity.

Designed to work best in punchy beach breaks, reef waves or lined up points, the 74 will not let you down.